2 hours     £10.00

4 hours     £14.00

6 hours     £15.00

8 hours     £16.00

All Day       £20.00


    4 hours      £5

    4-8 hours   £7


Barbless or debarbed flies only


 Catch and release 
(fly fishing only)​




If you damage a fish or want to take one home - take it to the fishery office, pay for it at £2.80 per pound and carry on your session.




2 hours   1 fish  £12.00

4 hours   2 fish  £17.00

6 hours    2 fish £20.00

6 hours   3 fish  £22.00

8 hours   4 fish  £27.00


     4 hours     1 fish   £8

     4-8 hours  1 fish  £10


   Catch and keep Ticket   (fly fishing only)

When fish limit is caught anglers may continue on Catch & Release (Barbless or Debarbed hooks must only be used)


Bait Pond



    Children - £5 per session

        Adults - £5 per session


Fishing sessions are 2 hours and ALL fish must be dispatched, taken and paid for at £2.80 per pound.
No returning of fish is allowed




Fishing Tackle Hire
Complete fly fishing tackle (fly rod/reel/floating line/trace/Choice of fly) £5 per session.
Complete bait fishing tackle (rod/reel/line/float/hook/bait) £2 per session.




Fishing Tuition

One to one or group fishing instruction can be arranged with a fishing instructor - enquire at the fishery for details. 

If you haven't tried it before - don't be afraid, other anglers are used to seeing beginners at the fishery and will often provide help and assistance. We have all had to learn at some point.