Tag team pairs - a huge success

We were pleased to have 14 teams entered today, trying to get their hands on the £100 top prize.
The competition was held on the bottom pond and quite a few fish were landed really early on with Stuart Crockett and Stuart Forsyth getting their peg limit of 4 at the first one to get them off to a flyer. Fish were caught from all pegs during the morning and the result was quite close at lunchtime. John Brown/Kevin Neri, Ian Fong/Forbes Gallagher, David Fong/Ian Ogsten and early leaders Suart Crockett/Stuart Forsyth were all in with a chance.
As with all competitions like this, consistency at each of the pegs is what’s needed. 
The lead fluctuated a few times in the afternoon and it was really close in the end.
The overall winners with 12 fish was the team of Ian Fong and Forbes Gallagher. In second place, also with 12, but with less place points was John Brown and Kevin Neri. Third place went to David Fong and Ian Ogsten, fourth was Stuart Crockett and Stuart Forsyth, with fifth going to Brian and James Hancock.
The biggest fish landed today was a beautiful 8lb rainbow (see picture) caught and safely released by Stuart Crockett and there was a tagged fish caught during the competition by Miriam Malcolm, earning her and her partner £50 between them.
The competition format was something slightly different and it was nice to see it fished in a such friendly and sociable manner.
Just a pity the weather made conditions testing at times.



Fishing has begun to pick up again after the really hot weather, fish are being caught on or near the surface on overcast days. Best methods have been dryfly or buzzers fished on a washing line set up with a fab on the point. Anglers are reminded to keep fish in the water within the net if releasing them. Give the fish time to recover before letting them out the net. Barbless or debarbed is compulsory when on catch and release.


Again its been a Mixed bag of methods and flies this week. Another large stocking earlier in the week has seen some bigger catches on the lures with cats whisker being the top option. black and olive Klinkhammers  have been catching when the cloud cover comes over and buzzers have also been successful at times. With warmer weather forcasted again, small buzzers, Diawl bachs and dries should become the 'go to' methods to catch out the resident fish. There were 12 tagged fish caught for the month of April.


Temperatures have cooled again this week and the fish have been a bit unsettled. Various methods have worked at different times of the day this week including dries, buzzers and lures. Best flies have been Damsels, Klinkhammers and black buzzers with some catching on cormorants at times. A lot of tagged fish have been getting caught including a double win for Dundee visitor Gilbert Cheetham. There is a novice competition being held on 5th May for club members who haven't been fishing long or for those that don't usually fish the competitions.


Its been a fantastic last week at the fishery as spring weather is finally beginning to appear. Methods have been so varied with dry fly, buzzer, lures and indicator fishing all producing. Large numbers are beginning to be caught and there have been many anglers getting into double figures. The fish seem to have over wintered well and they are in good condition. Prospects are looking good as the water temperature starts to rise a little.


Even with the cold weather, there has usually been plenty fishable water on most days. Every effort has been made to keep the fishery open and there have been some really good numbers landed. Bill and Miriam Malcolm made the best use of the top pond, immediately after the ice was broken up, to land 12 and 8 respectively. Deep fished lures was their best tactic but the indicator and a mop fly variants have still been very successful for others. A few have been caught on buzzers but the water isn't getting a chance to warm up enough for them to fish well. We are proud to announce that Raemoir has been selected to host the Scottish National Stillwater Championship Final in September and will also be hosting one of the first round heats on the 14th April if anyone wants to enter to try and qualify to the semi final stage. 


Fishing tactics are slowly getting back to those of late spring with limes and oranges beginning to work again.

The okey dokey is featuring highly in the catches but terrestrial patterns such as beetles are also doing a lot of damage in calm conditions.

Its also the time of year for fishing daddy long legs patterns and hoppers in various colours. Anglers are reporting that fish are trying to drown their dries first before coming back and taking them so it might pay to delay a strike until a fish is felt on the end.

The fishery is sad to announce the loss of one of its popular regulars, Jimmy Hill. Jimmy was one of the most consistent anglers at Raemoir and will always be remembered for his willingness to help others and his creation the 'Jimmy nymph'. Everyone connected with the fishery would like to pass on their condolences to Linda and family.

Increase your chances

A lot of anglers are not prepared to fish more than one fly in case of tangles but its something worth persevering with as it usually increases your chances. After getting his leader set up by Mike at the fishery, 13 year old Reuben on his fourth attempt at fly fishing, fished a dropper for the first time and landed four fish and lost a further two on both his flies. He's pictured here with a nice blue that he's going to eat tonight for his supper. I'ts great to see young anglers coming through the fishery.

The recent cooler overcast conditions has encouraged the fish back up to the surface again. There has been a lot of response to hoppers and daddies but not too many hook ups. Those prepared to fish smaller dries are getting more conversions. 

FABs are beginning to catch again and with buzzers on droppers in a 'washing line' set up, success has been had on all flies.

Raemoir club members are reminded that the away leg of the annual fun challenge at Rescobie is on 26th August.


Once again the fishing has been very consistent following the larger stocking that went in last week.This seems to have really encouraged the resident fish to come on the take.Large rises are being seen on the warmer evenings with fish feeding heavily in all three fly ponds.We have seen a sharp rise in the number of dry flies being used to try and tempt them. Black or olive still seems to be the best colours for the dries. Lighter tippet can sometimes be necessary to fish the smaller dries, and as long as the rod is kept high while playing the fish, the chances of line breakages will be kept to a minimum.



The weather this last week has been a bit unpredictable with sunny spells one minute and sleet the next. This hasn't put the fish off completely, it has just meant that tactics have had to change to suit.

Buzzers continue to be the best method either on a 'washing line' set up or straight lined in a team of two or three. Lures are getting an odd fish but are tailing off as more natural feed is beginning to emerge.

This Saturday sees the second semi final of the Scottish National Stillwater Championships, where the qualifiers will be battling it out for a place in the final at Kingennie in May.

There will still be some limited flyfishing available on aturday and the bait pond will be operating as normal.


Another great week at Raemoir with dries beginning to do the trick. On the cooler days fish are swirling at them without taking them properly but when its overcast with a gentle warmer breeze, many of the wiser residents are being tempted. Buzzers have been working well when fished high in the water when there's cloud cover but slightly deeper when the sun comes out.More blues are going in this week so fishing should once again be fast and furious.

The bait pond has been producing lots of fish on sweetcorn, worm and shrimp and the kids have been having great fun.

Kingennie Outing

Fourteen members took part in a pairs away day at Kingennie.

The fishing and hospitality was excellent and the weather was also very kind.

Best rods on the day were John Brown with 33, Stuart Crockett 24 and Mike Cordiner 19.

The pairs were drawn randomly at the end and the winners happened to be the pairing of John and Stuart with a combined catch of 57 between them.

Many thanks goes to Grant Osler and his team at Kingennie for looking after us all so w



Another great week at the fishery with nice settled and consistent weather. Fish have been rising all over and feeding heavily on small buzzers. Some big fish were introduced a couple of weeks ago and they have all been caught three or four times. With careful releasing, these fish will provide good sport for many more anglers. The residents are providing a real test for some, with many stories of snapped casts. These trout average around three pounds and their power should not be underestimated.

There has been another stocking this week to ensure good fishing and the bait pond has already been providing the kids with some fun during the holidays.

Kevin Neri was the winner of the four fly competition with eleven fish. 



The weather and water temperatures are changing and so have the habits of the fish this past week.

Buzzers are beginning to get snapped up at different depths throughout the day and black cormorants have been mentioned around the fishery. Some will be glad to know that the indicator fishing is losing its effectiveness as the water heats up.

At this time of year it's sometimes good to hedge your bets and go with a lightly weighted fly on the point and a couple of buzzers on the droppers, but continue with a slow retrieve. The first competition of the year got off with a bang, with 97 fish landed, and released, by the seven competitors who braved a day of torrential rain. Top rod on the day was Keith Crockett with 22, followed closely by son Stuart on 20 and third went to Gary Marshall on 18.

A reminder that the Troutmaster fish off is on Saturday 18th March and fishery will be open to all other anglers.


The fishing has been very unpredictable lately due to the rapid changes in water temperature. As soon as there's a mild day or even part of a day, the fish are switching on and in decent numbers. Weighted buzzers in black or lime green have been very successful with Jimmy Hill recording 37 returned fish over two days. The secret is to fish slowly and not to stay too long in any one spot. It is advisable to learn the basic figure of eight retrieve in order to improve your chances at Raemoir. 

The notice board is now being updated regularly with the flies that are catching.



This week has seen a very attractive visitor to the fishery. A kingfisher has made several welcome visits but blink and you can miss it so keep your eyes peeled when you're out.

There's a reasonably recent 'fly' pattern that's beginning to provide success for a few anglers and that is the 'mop' or 'wotsit' fly. Tied using the tassels on hand mops, they don't look like anything natural but the fish don't seem to mind. Chartreuse or orange ones appear to be the best colours.

Club members can now put their names down for a proposed trip to the Scone Game Fair on 1st July. The notice is up in the bothy.

Names need to be up by 14th February and a deposit of £10 by Tuesday 25th April.

After member subsidy, total cost will be £20 which includes entry fee and return transport. 



Happy New Year to all our anglers and here's looking forward to good fishing in 2017.

A lot has happened in this last year but the sad passing of Ron Low was a great loss. His greatest legacy, apart from the design and layout of the fishery will be the established osprey nest overlooking the ponds. He was also pleased with the willingness of regulars to try out new methods.

Many die hard lure fishers tried buzzers and dries for the first time last year and got a pleasant surprise as to how successful and enjoyable these methods were.

The flies that worked last year should work again at roughly the same time of year, depending on weather conditions.

Staff will always try their best to recommend those flies and methods that will put a few fish in the net.

Membership fees are now due for season 2017. 

Benefits include £2 off a permit costing £13 or more, a £10 loyalty voucher for every ten visits with a £13 or more permit, entry to club competitions and access to any club outings. 


The fishery has been fishing really well this last week particularly on the warmer days. Largest catches have been by Jimmy Hill with 25 and Chuck Florence landing his best ever tally of 18.

Quite a few of the wary residents were being caught along with the newer stocked fish.

No one particular pattern has been standing out however the squirmy worm in various colours has had more than a fair share of the fish.

The rubber used to tie these flies is very fragile and a few legless casualties have been seen lying around.

Bloodworms fished slowly and small nymphs will continue to provide sport during the warmest parts of the day.

Those fishing late afternoon have been catching sight of the thousands of starlings that gather over the reedy marsh before they land to roost. This murmuration can be be very entertaining to watch, even more dramatic when the sparrow hawks start to show an interest in them.


The cold weather has started to take its toll but with the three ponds having various inlets, there is normally somewhere that is ice free and fishable. It is best to phone first so as to avoid disappointment on 01330 820092. When possible, staff will make an effort to clear the ice.

Those anglers looking for ideas for Christmas gifts from friends or family, are reminded that Raemoir can provide vouchers of any value, redeemable at the fishery.

The fishery will remain open and the wood burner will be fired up, so even if not fishing, anglers are welcome to come out for a coffee and blether.

Raemoir will however be closed on Saturday from 12.00 in order to hold a service for Ron Low.



the Ron Low memorial competition successfully raised £300 towards Cancer Research and we would like to thank Chalmers Bakery for their support and the fishers that attended.  

Recently the subject of indicator fishing has raised sometimes heated debate. Carried out using a purpose made indicator or buoyant dry fly, suspending another fly beneath, it is sometimes the only way to present an almost static fly at a particular depth. There is also the bonus of a fish also taking the dry fly. Like any other method its not guaranteed to catch because fly choice, depth, leader material, wind direction, depth contours and of course fish behaviour have all got to be considered. 

It is just another method that some anglers get enjoyment from and instead of condemning it, others should give it a try. It is not as easy as it looks but when done right it can catch a lot of fish.

This Saturday sees the return leg of the Rescobie challenge match and Raemoir will have to fish well to overturn the large deficit.

The bait pond and top and middle fly ponds will be available to all other anglers.



There's been a few broken rods lately at Raemoir and its been mainly due to anglers using the rod to pull a fly free from a tree or vegetation. Take the time to take it out by hand if reachable. If a rod does break, always check to see if its covered by warranty because most will at least have a year's cover. 

Line breakages are also common but mostly preventable. Keeping the rod up during the fight puts the strain on the rod and not the leader. As soon as the angle of the rod drops there is more shock taken by the leader instead of the rod and 'ping' away goes your fish, cast and fly.

On a positive note, there have been many double figure catches, Neil Tracey was notable catching 30 for his day.

An open charity competition in aid of Cancer Research will be staged this Saturday in memory of Ron Low, starting at 09.30. Entry is £22 and includes lunch. There's £100 to the winner and £50 for second. 


The settled weather during the week has allowed all methods to work well. 

Fish have been rising steadily all day on the three fly ponds and dries continue to produce. 

Those catching on buzzers and lures have been having a lot of success with patterns having a hint of copper in the dressing, Subtle use of red or orange in the flies should also bring fish to the net.

There are lots of fish in the bait pond so those coming out should have a lot of fun.

No competitions are scheduled for this weekend.


Big Brownie

In the last few weeks the resident brown trout are beginning to get caught again. A beautiful specimen was landed on Tuesday by Gilbert Cheetham. It weighed in at 5 lbs and is now safely back in the bottom pond. A small suspender buzzer was the successful fly. These fish are feeding themselves up for the winter and have been seen fryfeeding around the edges of the reed beds.

The Champion of champions competition was fished last weekend and the 9 anglers successfully landed 83 fish. Top rod was Mike Cordiner with 19 followed by Gary Marshall on 13 and Greg Leslie with 11 fish,

There are no competitions at Raemoir this weekend. 



t is with great sadness that we break the news of the passing of founder Raemoir owner Ron Low.

Ron himself was a very keen angler and wildlife enthuiast. There was nothing Ron liked better than to catch a trout at his beloved Raemoir, on a dry fly. It was also through Ron's efforts that a pair of ospreys took up residence this year and successfully hatched three chicks, something that he was very proud of. A real gentleman, Ron was always passionate about protecting the natural habitat around Raemoir and promoting a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the fishery.

All those connected with Raemoir Fishery would like to pass on their condolences to his wife Eunice, family and friends.

As a mark of respect, Raemoir will be closed on Friday 30th September.

Raemoir is sad to see that the ospreys are away now but hopefully the successful nesting site will be used again next year. Top of the water tactics have once again been effective this week and the top lure colour is back to black. 

A big well done to all those that contributed to the Sparks fundraiser last week, which saw Jimmy Hill winning the event with 12, Gary Marshall second with 10 and Andy Barrowman third with 8 fish.The bait pond has been fishing well with the larger than average fish giving a good account of themselves.Club members are reminded that the return leg of the Glen of Rothes challenge is up at the Glen on Sunday 25th September.


Everybody taking advantage of this unseasonably warm December have been rewarded well. With near perfect fishing conditions and the fish feeding well anglers have been catching regularly. Local legend Jimmy hill catching regularly all on his famous Jimmy Hill nymph. Craig McLean bagged himself 9 beating his brother for once. Declan McFarlane again beating his record netting 9 as did Jamie Wynne. Kenny Brown netted 4, and on his own rod this week. Gill Horn did well netting 5 with Jim brown netting 16 for his day. Gary Crombie from Aboyne found the right fly and netted 11. The majority of the fish have been caught well down in the water and mostly caught on lures such as White Fritz, Olive Damsels, Cats Whiskers, Cormorants, Bloodworms and Buzzers of various colours. Raemoir is pleased to announce that we are to host a S.A.N.A competition here on Sunday the 28th Of February. So if you fancy pitting your skills against some of Scotland's finest anglers then phone on 01330820092 to book a place, but be quick as places are limited. Finally Raemoir Fishery wishes all our customers a Merry Xmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you all next year. The Fishery will be open on Xmas eve closed Xmas day and boxing day. We will be open New years eve and closed Near years day and the 2nd. There will be an AGM held here at the fishery on the 9th of January at 3pm, all club members  are welcome. With the new year and the new fishing season rapidly heading our way, we have  limited spaces to join our vibrant club. If your interested please pop in or give us a phone to get information.



Sink the Leader

It has always been a well known fact that presentation is key to dry fly fishing. One thing that has been apparent recently is that the thickness of the leader hasn't been putting off the fish as long as its below the surface film. Heavier leader material will naturally sink better but if not, put a nymph or buzzer on a dropper to do the job.

Water temperatures are getting higher again and anglers are reminded that fish should not be removed from the water when on catch and release, keep them in the net and gently remove the barbless or debarbed hook. There are free hook disgorgers at Raemoir - just ask for one.

Very senior member George Rankin was showing the youngsters how it was done this week with a nice catch of 7.

Club members are reminded that the Club Pairs are on this Saturday and that fishing will still be available to all other visitors to the fishery.


Birds Eye View

Anyone wishing to see Raemoir's ospreys will have to hurry as the three youngsters are now up flying. The parents have done really well considering it's there first time nesting here.

Regular Jimmy Hill has been catching big numbers again, he had 17 and luckily for him another £50 as one was tagged. 

The bait pond has quietened down a bit now that the schools are back. It has provided a lot of enjoyment for the kids over the summer and is always a popular venue at weekends. Club members are reminded that the Pairs competition is on 3rd September.


Don't forget the traditionals

Fishing has been a little testing of late and the usual methods have been working for short periods. Just when anglers think they have it cracked, the fish have other ideas. One method that has stood the test of time has been the use of traditional patterns and it is at this time of the year that they are worth a chuck.

The Raemoir Open was won by Gary Marshall, who reverted to Black Pennel and Kate McLaren to catch his seven fish, which were slightly heavier than Andy Malcolm's seven. Third place went to Macauley Tuck with five fish but it was small consolation after he inadvertently returned a tagged fish, failing to notice the £50 plastic taggie swimming off on the trout's back. I'm sure fellow anglers won't let him forget that in a hurry.

Lastly, we can now confirm we have 3 osprey chicks in our nest and they are growing fast. Someone is losing a lot of fish to them but it isn't Raemoir yet.


Thankfully here at Raemoir fishery we have a great bothy with a wood burning stove and an endless supply of tea and coffee. So as it gets colder you can come in for a heat and a bit of banter. With the water temperature at freezing point, the fish are sitting low in the water so the majority of fish caught are deeper. Weighted flies such as Yellow Dancers, White fritz, black or green Damsels and heavy buzzers are proving to be the most successful. Blood worms are also catching along with Okay Dokeys with a lime green head. All with a very slow retrieve, almost at a stand still. Kenny Noble netted a nice 8lb 10 oz rainbow. Graham Small participated in the Autumn League netting 5 in total mostly on a olive damsel. Jimmy Hill has had his usual success on his home tied nymphs but shock of shocks NO taggie for him this week. There has been 28 taggies caught so far this year all at £50 each, so work it out. Water temperatures are sitting around freezing with some ice forming on the occasional night however so far its shifting quickly but to avoid disappointment probably best to phone ahead to find out the conditions. 


Winter has arrived with the first snow lying on the ground along with a good delivery of stocked fish this week, with some fish weighing up to 10lb. Gary Craig had a good couple of days fishing landing 8 in total including a bonnie 8lb 10oz rainbow with his fishing buddy Ally landing 5 Rainbows. Ed Ross landed 6 for his day. Jimmy Hill continues to catch regularly on his nymphs, 13 on Saturday alone, with him netting a 6lb and 8lb fish including another taggie!!! . Mike Cordiner participated in the Autumn league with a combined bag weight of 5lb 8oz. Charlie Fraser landed a 7lb 5oz Rainbow. Mr Rose from Aberdeen netted 5 one of which was his very first Brownie which he was delighted with. With the colder weather upon us now the fish are definitely deeper down in the water. White Fritz, white W.S.W, Yellow Dancers are doing well along with black buzzers with a bit of green or red. Okay Dokeys with lime green heads are also working. Damsels are catching regularly in various colours, black or golden olive being the most successful. Kenny Brown popped in for 1 hour caught 3, Keith Crockett fished his Autumn netting 13 and Declan Mcfarlane netted 7, a new personal record on a very cold Saturday.



Fishing at Raemoir started off quiet this week with the unsettled weather. However as the week progressed it improved slowly with Gary Craig netting 3 on Buzzers and his companion and work mate netting 8 on a sinking line using a W.S.W. Things really picked up on Friday after being stocked with blue trout only. Charlie Fraser netted 5 with Jack lonach  netting 4. Jimmy Hill was up to his old tricks again bagging another taggie earning him another £50, his 9th of the year so far. Saturday saw the Raemoir vs Roscobie return match. With Raemoir only 2lb ahead it was promising to be a great match. In the end Raemoir won with a combined weight of 117.78 lb with Roscobie finishing with 74.79 lbs. Maybe next year Roscobie. Fishing for Raemoir was Keith Crockett who finished with 12 fish, John Brown finished with 10 fish and Andy Malcolm finished with 8. Top rod for Roscobie was Allan Wood netting 5. Andy Barrowman finished with 16 for his day, taking part in the Autumn league. James Mclean finished with 5 beating his brother Criag Mclean who landed 3. A special thanks to Linda Hill for making soup and her usual selection of cakes. And thank you to Roscobie for making it a great day




Autumn has definitely has arrived, getting cooler, windier and more rain!!! Those of us brave enough to do some fishing have been rewarded with some decent catches. Rob Kerr landed 9, mostly on blood worms. Jim Brown landed 5 on Daddies including a two and a half lb brownie. As did Charlie Fraser  along with 6 Rainbows. Mr Perkins landed an impressive eight pounder. Kenny Wilks landed 5 including a brownie on a dry fly and bloodworms. John Brown landed a stunning nine pound eight ounce Rainbow while participating in the autumn league eventually finishing with double figures and a Brownie. Chris McCallister finished with 5.  While Andy Barrowman netted 13 for his day. Fish are still feeding off the surface with people having good success with various dries including Daddies, CDC emergers and shipmans buzzers. Jimmy Hill Finished with 8 including 2 brownies mostly on beetles and buzzers. James Mclean had a good day finishing with  11 including 7 brownies, mostly on a bunny leach


Good couple of days fishing since getting stocked again this week. Friday saw Hector Connel netted 8 fish one of which was a taggie winning him £50. Mike Cordiner fished his Autumn league netted 12 in total with his 2 kept fish weighing a combined 8lb 8oz. Charlie Fraser netted 11 and Bill Malcolm netted 8 beating Miriam Malcolm by 6 which makes a change for Bill. Jimmy Hill caught an unusual catch, a crow!! but unfortunately we don't put Tags on anything other than fish. Jimmy eventually finished with 11.  Saturday started off really miserable with heavy rain but this did not deter the hardened among us. Jimmy Hill Netted 6 in total. Alex Watt brought out his family, Alex finished with 10 including one at 9lb1oz his loon finished with 12. James Harrison netted 9.  



A very windy day today at Raemoir but a few braved the gales and were rewarded. With the Fishery being stocked today with a good supply of brown trout in with some rainbows weighing 8lbs plus it was a good day to go hunting for brownies. Damien Sheilds managed to net 6 brownies and 1 rainbow with his son netting 1 Rainbow. Damien catching the majority on traditional wet flies. Whilst regular Jimmy “ the tag” Hill managed to net a beautiful 8lbs 2oz rainbow out of the top pond, a 8lb 4oz out of the bottom and the best weighing in at 9lb 8oz also out of the bottom pond. Jimmy eventually finished with 16 mostly on his Jimmy Nymph. Ian Innes decided again to go for a swim, stepping the wrong way off a platform but was a happy man after netting a 7lb 8oz rainbow.



Thanks to everyone who attended the dry fly and buzzer competition. A great turn out thanks to fantastic weather. A total of 117 fish caught mostly on buzzers. Black, olive green and red buzzers being the most popular colours. Kevin Neri came first for division one with 22 fish caught with Keith Crockett in second place with12 caught. Graham Small caught 9 to win division two with Roger Davidson coming in second with 7 caught. Again thanks to everyone






The winter weather has for the moment left us with unseasonably warm weather this week. The fish have taken advantage of this and have been feeding well getting themselves ready for the winter yet to appear in earnest. There has been plenty of insect activity on top of the water with the fish feeding well off the top however, trying to match the hatch has been difficult. Lures buzzers and nymphs have been the most productive. Despite being quiet, anglers have been catching and catching well. Our regular anglers have been doing well with Stonehaven angler John Rench landing a nice 6lb 7oz Rainbow. Local angler Jimmy Hill continues to catch plenty of fish on his olive nymphs culminating in a total of 42 fish caught and returned this week alone. Aberdeen angler Jamie Wynne had a great day on catch and release, returning 13, with the majority caught on a red buzzer. Our Friday regulars George, Alex, Charlie and Peter all had a good day. We have continued to stock our ponds as this mild weather continues and will continue to do so. Other flies that have been doing well are Yellow dancers, black nymphs, okay dokeys and bloodworms. As the year draws to an end, the staff and owners wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year and we look forward to seeing you all soon. The days will soon start to get longer again and thoughts will soon be thinking about another great years fishing. A list of next year's competitions are already up on the site and club fees are requested to be in by the end of Feb. Thank you.



The annual general meeting was held as promised 7/12/13. The attendance of this important meeting to allow our club members to discuss important issues, to offer fresh new ideas and raise any concerns, was extremely poor. However the few of us that did turn up pressed on regardless. There is to be no changes to the current committee with Keith Crockett to continue as chairperson, Greg Leslie as secretary, Kenny Mcguire as treasurer, Ron Chambers looking after the seniors section and Blair Forsyth looking after the adults section. As yet we have not anyone overlooking the junior section. All club fees are to be in by the end of February with the following changes. Juniors are now £20 per year, adults £40 per year and seniors £35 per year. Club members will be given a membership card with all dates of competition’s on the back. The club was also informed by the owners that fishing tickets will increase in price slightly so please watch this space to find out more. It is unfortunate to announce these increases but both club fees and fishing tickets had been frozen for a number of years, now due to rising costs these now had to be revised. It was discussed that due to the poor attendance another meeting should be held and a provisional date of 22nd February 2014 to again allow members to voice their suggestions. Please come to this cause if you don't then we are to assume you are happy with the way the club is being run and we don't want to hear any moans next year. Fishing has been hard this week as a result of the weather. Between the temperatures hitting minus 5, freezing large parts of the lochs and the gale force winds, attendance has been low. However the few that braved the elements are still catching fish. Local angler Jimmy Hill proving to be the bravest catching fish on his "jimmy nymphs" in both olive and black. Stonehaven angler Duncan Campbell was doing well on bloodworms and diawl bachs. As said before if its looking cold and the weather is not looking to good please contact the fishery to see if it is fishable. Thank you and see you soon.



Winter is here. There has been a couple of mornings that we have found the water partially frozen. Fortunately this has been short lived and gone by mid-morning allowing full access to all our ponds. If however you are planning a day's fishing it might be worthwhile to phone ahead to check. Fishing continues to remain good with recorded catches reaching double figures. Local Banchory angler Jimmy Hill continues to do well using his olive and black "jimmy nymphs" fished deep and along with Aberdeen angler Alex Watt both landed tagged fish getting them £50 each. Several fish of 6 pounds plus have been caught falling victim to bloodworms, okay dokeys and olive nymphs. Other flies doing well are yellow dancers, cats whiskers and of course white fritz and blobs as Aberdeen angler George Rankin has been proving. Even with these cold days fish are still occasionally feeding off the surface with Banchory local angler Roger Davidson catching on foam daddies and beetles. An AGM has been organised for Saturday 7th December at 5 o'clock. Please come along as we value hearing our members views and opinions. It will give you the opportunity to put forward any ideas you have or to have a good old moan if you're not happy about anything. The fishery has gone through several changes, especially this year, and there has been a degree of uncertainty in the future of the club. Rest assured the future of the club and the fishery is looking great. So please come. Thank you.