Bigger Fish

Although we don't class ourselves as a 'BIG FISH' fishery, there are plenty of larger fish in here to make things interesting. Almost all of these fish were caught and released to bend someone else's rod. Here are some of the catches in 2019:



9/1/19 Peter Beaton 10lb 1oz 

10/1/19 Steve Hall 6lb

7/2/19 Jim Cattanach 7lb 8oz

10/2/19 Bill Malcolm 9lb 2oz

12/2/19 Ron Meldrum 7lb 8oz

17/2/19 Neil Davidson 7lb 2oz

19/2/19 David Fong 8lb 12oz

21/2/19 Ian Fong 8lb

22/2/19 Gary Marshall 8lb 8oz

23/2/19 Jim Morrison 9lb

23/2/19 Chuck Florence 8lb 8oz

8/3/19 Joe McGregor 6lb

10/3/19 Stuart Crockett 8lb 

12/3/19 David Fong 7lb 1oz

15/3/19 Bill Christie 10lb 2oz

18/3/19 Tony McMahon 6lb 8oz

19/3/19 Charlie Fraser 6lb 12oz

23/3/19 Declan McFarlane 10lb 8oz

23/3/19 Declan McFarlane 6lb 1oz

25/3/19 Kyle Casson 5lb 8oz

28/3/19 Jim Cattanach 6lb

28/3/19 Forbes Gallagher 5lb 12oz

28/3/19 Iain Ogsten 5lb 7oz

29/3/19 Charlie Fraser 8lb 2oz

9/4/19 Colin McDonald 9lb 2oz

9/4/19 David Fong 10lb 12oz

12/4/19 George Rankin 7lb 12oz

18/4/19 Ian Fong 5lb 1oz

21/4/19 Iain Ogston 6lb 2oz

21/4/19 Fiona 6lb

21/4/19 Roger Davidson 6lb 1oz

22/4/19 Jim Morrison 8lb 2oz

24/4/19 Ian Innes 5lb 8oz

24/4/19 Stuart Crockett 8lb 6oz

28/4/19 Roger Davidson 10lb 7oz

28/4/19 Jim Eddie 8lb 8oz

30/4/19 Colin Adam 5lb 8oz

4/5/19 Tony Adkins 6lb 8oz

4/5/19 Keith Crockett 8lb 4oz

4/5/19 Keith Crockett 10lb 3oz

5/5/19 Matt Mulcany 6lb

5/5/19 Gilbert Cheetham 9lb 2oz

6/5/19 Ian Innes 6lb 8oz

6/5/19 Daz Carr 8lb

11/5/19 Declan McFarlane 10lb

13/5/19 Gilbert Cheetham 10lb

13/5/19 Gilbert Cheetham 9lb 8oz

18/5/19 Declan McFarlane 6lb

19/5/19 Gordon McKay 5lb 8oz

21/5/19 Neil Scowen 9lb 1oz

23/5/19 Jim Cattanach 6lb

25/5/19 John Drummond 15lb

27/5/19 Andy Miller 8lb

30/5/19 John Drummond 10lb 4oz

30/5/19 Reece West 7lb 12oz

1/6/19 John Drummond 6lb 8oz

3/6/19 Gary Marshall 11lb 3oz

9/6/19 Calum Hill 8lb

9/6/19 Andy Malcolm 6lb 2oz

5/7/19 Alec Cormack 15lb

8/7/19 Ian Fong 6lb

14/7/19 Craig McLean 10lb 2oz

28/7/19 Jake McCallum 15lb

16/8/19 Colin Adam 7lb

18/8/19 Ernest MacKay 8lb

22/8/19 Gilbert Cheetham 6lb 8oz

22/8/19 Kevin McFarlane 6lb 8oz

25/8/19 Ian Fong 5lb 8oz

31/8/19 Gary Gill 6lb

6/9/19 Ian Fong 6lb 8oz

8/9/19 Ian Innes 6lb 6oz

10/9/19 Joe McGregor 6lb 8oz

10/9/19 Ian Fong 14lb 12oz

11/9/19 Ron Meldrum 5lb 8oz

11/9/19 Ian Innes 8lb 8oz

12/9/19 Sandy Knight 7lb 8oz

12/9/19 Roger Davidson 8lb 1oz

12/9/19 Roger Davidson 5lb

12/9/19 Sandy Knight 5lb

14/9/19 Forbes Gallagher 14lb 8oz

14/9/19 Ronnie Chalmers 8lb

14/9/19 Ian Fong 8lb 12oz

14/9/19 Andy Malcolm 5lb 1oz

18/9/19 Stevie Clark 7lb 2oz

18/9/19 Stevie Clark 11lb 4oz

22/9/19 Alan Gray 6lb 4oz

25/9/19 Steve Clark 8lb 2oz

26/9/19 Gordon Harper 7lb

27/9/19 Ray Laird 15lb 4oz

28/9/19 John Drummond 7lb

3/10/19 John Duncan 7lb

4/10/19 Gary Craig 12lb 7oz

8/10/19 Jamie McLeary 8lb

10/10/19 Marcus Brunning 6lb

14/10/19 Ian Fong 7lb 8oz

14/10/19 Ron Meldrum 5lb 4oz

15/10/19 Ian Fong 13lb 8oz (BROWNIE)

16/10/19 Gilbert Cheetham 14lb 9oz

16/10/19 Gilbert Cheetham 8lb 8oz

17/10/19 Gilbert Cheetham 8lb 8oz

18/10/19 Gilbert Cheetham 8lb 2oz

21/10/19 Derek Clark 11lb 12oz

26/10/19 Graham Morton 9lb 8oz

28/10/19 Stan Noble 6lb 13oz

29/10/19 Stevie Carle 5lb 2oz

31/10/19 Marcus Brunning 5lb 12oz

1/11/19 Nicky Wood 7lb 2oz

5/11/19 Colin McDonald 14lb 8oz

8/11/19 Mike Grover 12lb 2oz

8/11/19 Andy Barrowman 7lb

8/11/19 Gordon Harper 12lb

9/11/19 Bill Anderson 8lb

13/11/19 Paul Massie 5.32lb

13/11/19 Mike McLennan 7.9lb

14/11/19 Liam Cromar 14.23lb

14/11/19 Liam Cromar 6.82lb

7/12/19 Gary Gill 13lb 7oz Brown

8/12/19 Ron Chalmers 14lb 8oz 

13/12/19 Roger Davidson 14lb 4oz

14/12/19 John Drummond 7lb 2oz

17/12/19 Joe McGregor 6lb 8oz

17/12/19 Paul Massie 5lb 4oz

18/12/19 Kevin McFarlane 7lb 12oz

18/12/19 Gary Marshall 10lb 4oz

18/12/19 Paul Massie 11lb

21/12/19 Ron Stephen 7lb 8oz

21/12/19 Ron Stephen 8lb 4oz

22/12/19 Duncan Campbell 11lb 6oz

31/12/19 Duncan Campbell 8lb 3oz



The eligible period for entries to the 2020 FISH OFF will run from 1st Nov - 14th Sept. Anyone with a verified 10lb or over fish can enter for the final at the start of October - date to be confirmed.


Eligible fish

Colin McDonald 14lb 8 oz

Mike Grover 12lb 2oz

Gordon Harper 12lb

Liam Cromar 14.23lb

Gary Gill 13lb 7oz

Ron Chalmers 14lb 8oz

Roger Davidson 14lb 4oz

Gary Marshall 10lb 4oz

Paul Massie 11lb

Duncan Campbell 11lb 6oz

Iain Ogston 12lb 11oz

Jim Adie 12lb 8oz

Ian Fong 11lb 6oz

Sandy Knight 14lb

Neil Tracy 11lb 11oz

Roger Davidson 13lb 14oz

Neil Davidson 13lb 14oz

Danny McDonald 10lb 4oz

Andy Malcolm 13lb

Ian Fong 13lb

Stef Giusti 10lb

Paul Massie 10lb 8oz

Richie Conn 17lb 8oz

Joe McGregor 17lb

Aiden Butters 10lb 8oz

Keith Crockett 15lb

Andy Malcolm 16lb 8oz

Gilbert Cheetham 12lb 5oz

John Thomson 11lb

David Fong 10lb 2oz

Ron Meldrum 10lb 1oz

John Drummond 15lb 10oz

Tony Adkins 16lb 8oz

Bob Fowlie 10lb 3oz

Ian Innes 16lb 4oz

Calum Hill 10lb



2/1/20 Iain Ogston 5lb 2oz

4/1/20 Iain Ogston 12lb 11oz

4/1/20 Stuart Forsyth 8lb

4/1/20 Iain Ogston 6lb 9oz

9/1/20 Joe McGregor 6lb 8oz

11/1/20 Kenny Brown 8lb 8oz

13/1/20 Iain Ogston 7lb 9oz

14/1/20 Iain Ogston 6lb

16/1/20 David Fong 5lb 12oz

16/1/20 David Fong 6lb

20/1/20 Gil Horne 6lb 8oz

21/1/20 Iain Ogston 11lb 2oz

26/1/20 Duncan Campbell 14lb 2oz

27/1/20 Iain Innes 5lb 3oz

27/1/20 Roger Davidson 5lb 1oz

29/1/20 Ron Meldrum 5lb 8oz

1/2/20 Neil Taylor 6lb 8oz

1/2/20 Ian Innes 8lb 8oz

5/2/20 Jim Adie 12lb 8oz

5/2/20 Stuart Crockett 6lb

5/2/20 Neil Davidson 5lb 8oz

5/2/20 Steve Clark 5lb 3oz

7/2/20 Miriam Malcolm 6lb 12oz

10/2/20 Ian Fong 11lb 6oz

12/2/20 Iain Ogston 5lb 12oz

14/2/20 Kevin Riley 6lb 8oz

19/2/20 Kenny Noble 7lb

19/2/20 Steve Carle 5lb 8oz

26/2/20 Greig Masson 7lb 12oz

27/2/20 Paul Massie 6lb 11oz

27/2/20 David Fong 5lb 11oz

27/2/20 Forbes Gallagher 6lb 12oz

29/2/20 Kenny Reid 7lb

1/3/20 Declan McFarlane 6lb 8oz

5/3/20 Lee Welsh 6lb

5/3/20 John Drummond 7lb 11oz

9/3/20 Joe McGregor 5lb 11oz

11/3/20 Stevie Clark 7lb 8oz

11/3/20 Steve Carle 7lb 3oz

12/3/20 Sandy Knight 14lb

12/3/20 Roger Davidson 6lb 11oz

12/3/20 Neil Davidson 7lb 6oz

12/3/20 Ron Meldrum 6lb

 14/3/20 Joe McGregor 7lb 11oz

18/3/20 Neil Tracy 11lb 11oz

18/3/20 Neil Davidson 6lb 13oz

18/3/20 Roger Davidson 13lb 14oz

18/3/20 Neil Davidson 13lb 14oz

29/5/20 Iain Ogston 12lb 12oz

30/5/20 Iain Ogston 7lb 3oz

31/5/20 Gordon McKay 7lb 2oz

31/5/20 James Hancock 6lb 9oz

1/6/20 Danny McDonald 10lb 4oz

1/6/20 Norrie Hart 6lb 9oz

1/6/20 Danny McDonald 6lb 4oz

2/6/20 John Drummond 6lb 1oz

2/6/20 Joe McGregor 7lb 4oz

2/6/20 Alan Jarvie 6lb 6oz

3/6/20 Andy Malcolm 13lb

4/6/20 Forbes Gallagher 5lb 10oz

4/6/20 Paul Massie 5lb 1oz

4/6/20 Alan Taylor 6lb 6oz

4/6/20 Gerry Freil 7lb 8oz

6/6/20 Ian Fong 13lb

6/6/20 John Drummond 7lb 2oz

7/6/20 Kenny Brown 6lb 4oz

10/6/20 Danny McDonald 6lb 8oz

13/6/20 Matthew Hart 6lb 8oz

15/6/20 Declan McFarlane 7lb 6oz

17/6/20 David Fong 7lb 7oz

17/6/20 David Fong 7lb 8oz

23/6/20 Ian Fong 6lb 15oz

23/6/20 David Fong 7ib 9oz

25/6/20 John Drummond 7lb 4oz

4/7/20 John Drummond 6lb 8oz

11/7/20 Neil Clubb 7lb 8oz

11/7/20 Stef Giusti 10lb

14/7/20 Paul Massie 10lb 8oz

14/7/20 Richie Conn 17lb 8oz

15/7/20 John Freeland 7lb 8oz

15/7/20 Roger Davidson 8lb 10oz

17/7/20 Joe McGregor 17lb

18/7/20 Aiden Butters 10lb 8oz

18/7/20 Keith Crockett 15lb

19/7/20 Andy Malcolm 16lb 8oz

23/7/20 Gilbert Cheetham 12lb 5oz

23/7/20 John Thomson 11lb

25/7/20 Declan McFarlane 5lb 8oz

26/7/20 David Fong 10lb 2oz

31/7/20 Chuck Florence 7lb 3oz

3/8/20 Ron Meldrum 10lb 1oz

8/8/20 John Drummond 15lb 10oz

15/8/20 Tony Adkins 16lb 8oz

18/8/20 Bob Fowlie 10lb 3oz

22/8/20 Ian Innes 16lb 4oz

23/8/20 John Drummond 15lb 10oz

27/8/20 Ian Fong 6lb 13oz

4/9/20 Chuck Florence 6lb 14oz

9/9/20 David Fong 8lb 6oz

10/9/20 Calum Hill 10lb

15/9/20 Jock Craig 15lb 8oz 

18/9/20 Joe McGregor 6lb

23/9/20 Steve Clark 5lb 3oz

29/9/20 Kyle Casson 14lb 8oz

29/9/20 Forbes Gallagher 7lb

2/10/20 Chuck Florence 14lb 3oz

2/10/20 Ron Meldrum 8lb 3oz

3/10/20 Paul Massie 8lb 6oz

4/10/20 Greig Masson 10lb 8oz